Saturday, January 2, 2016

Never play with your food...

I'm sure you've heard the classic phrase, "don't play with your food". I recently returned from Kauai and thought I would share some photos showing why it's a bad idea to play with your food. If you still don't think playing with your food is a bad idea, hopefully this will change your mind!

This hungry cattle egret just caught a gecko. Apparently it enjoys playing with its food...

 The gecko somehow escaped... If only the egret ate it the first time around...

I wish I had asked the gecko why it decided to jump back towards the egret. Probably not the smartest decision for this gecko. 

Gecko: 1. Egret: 0. The gecko is safe, at least for now! 

If only the gecko could travel faster! The hungry egret managed to catch it again. 

"What am I supposed to do with this gecko now???"

One bite left! 

All done! Now, are there any more geckos around? 

No more geckos, but I think the egret needs to clean its beak! 

So next time you think about playing with your food, think twice, because it might escape! Fortunately for this egret, it managed to catch its gecko again.

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