Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nisqually Great Horned Owlets

It was a cold and rainy weekend at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, but that didn't stop the great horned owls from showing signs of activity or me from getting out to photograph them! There were some excellent breaks in the weather when I managed to photograph the owls, but walking back to the car the rain started coming down hard (I planned ahead and had a rainsleeve to protect my camera from the elements, which is a good item to have in every camera bag).

Great horned owls begin nesting in January, and they tend to nest in tree cavities or abandoned nests. It took a bit of searching, but I located the nest in a tree cavity. There are three owlets in the nest this year.

What's harder than finding a great horned owl nest? Finding a great horned owl! The young owls were easy to find, as they were in the nest (but won't be for much longer). The adult owl was much harder to find, and blended in with the trees very well.

Whoooooo are you looking at?

Snakes for breakfast?

Drying off after the rainstorm. My favorite photo from the weekend.

One of last year's two owlets.

It was fun to get outside for the weekend looking for owls (even though it rained). Enjoy the photos, and as always comments are welcome!


  1. Wonderful as always. Your passion for your photography shines through. Well done!