Thursday, February 12, 2015

Photo Gallery

I am very pleased to announce my photo gallery installation at the Seattle University Student Center. This is a wonderful collaboration with Bernie Liang, the director of Student Activities, and myself. I would like to thank Bernie and the Student Activities office, for without their support this installation would not be possible. I would also like to thank my family for supporting my photo excursions, and my brother Zachary Hartje for my profile photo! Along with all of my blog, facebook, and flickr followers for their support as well.

The gallery is located in the main corridor on the third floor of the Student Center building at Seattle University. Below is a copy of the description, along with several (iphone) photos of the gallery.

"Journey With Me"

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are so fortunate to be surrounded by nature every day. My installation, entitled “journey with me”, encompasses seventeen of my photos all taken in western Washington – each photo telling its own story within a greater journey. I’m not captioning the photos, nor am I explaining them with words. Rather, I am letting the photos speak for themselves.

I deeply believe in the power of the natural world to affect us and to change us – to spark moments of creativity and discovery and to provide us space for reflection and contemplation. Observing nature is a welcome break from the busy lives we all lead, whether it is for a ten minute walk in the park or a week long backpacking trek in the mountains. Through my photography I am only a witness to this miraculous display of life and colors that nature puts on year in and year out. In my photos I hope to share some of what I see with you. And hopefully you, too, will be inspired to go out and see for yourself the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Tyler Hartje


left side

right side

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